Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I should now know
but I dont;
should be told
but it wont.

Appear !

Water damn the river streets.
Flood a drought release the weaks.
Time to a timeless
Test a rise.
Remarkable size
geist mismanage relied.

Despise !

Seep through!
Pore space
. Air exchange  claim
cause to the angered one.

Poor Pace !

Dig in a NEW ! dry matte' ...
The surface can suffer trust
brown dust and the evanescence.

- RacM

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I see it.
Flashes of fate
Blind my eyes,
It does no use to
Final Destination has begun.

What your are about to do
Is already etched in stone
At the top of mount Czion
in the form of a poem.

Serenade Society
Use your weapon
that is verse.
Engage Emotion
unlock emerge.

Burst out the seams
Look in search for the truth
Join the forces of your team
Shed the mindset of youth.

Question power as power
humble habits of a pauper
that image made her
That image cannot stop her.

Serving justice,
for which we stand
Listen to the callings
and whisper of our demands.



Monday, November 21, 2011

Ongoing Project

ART understanding tradition and culture within the boundries laid by American Lansford Hastings. The Utterances of California by Montalvo in 1510. The explorations and establishment of Cabrillo in 1542. (4th/21.) San Gabriel Mission 1771. 1774 Anza party. Territory of alta and baja California to Federal Republic of Mexico in 1824. Secularization of the Missions and arrival of Hijar-Padres colony to Alta California in 1834. Noble Californio families isolated from Mexican Rule... ... ... US statehood 1850. California Republic 31. March 1851 Land Act by Congress; into today.

Meeting to CAwP poetry along with musical accompaniment. Ongoing project.

Abstract interpretations in theory and conceptual His Story.
Suggestions Collaborations permitted upon approval of response.

Salute Three fingers toward the forehead, drop two and the One said?...

all styles/genres welcomed years old

Near California Poly †echnical University Pomona. garage space nook.